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Balancing Solution Tailored to Each Individual Aircraft

CDB goes far beyond passively monitoring aircraft vibrations. CDB discerns the root cause of a particular platform's vibration related issues and provides a dynamic solution to FIX IT. The technology is unique and it employs a complex proprietary set of algorithms aimed at eliminating destructive vibration along the entire drive train. CDB is successfully used by an international fleet of rotary wing aircraft and has achieved more than 3 years of proven performance.

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Vibration Causes Components and Structures to Wear and Fail Prematurely, Never Reaching Their Designed Time Before Overhaul (TBO).

Helicopters require significantly more maintenance than fixed-wing because they're significantly more complex. Rotary wing operators encounter a number of challenges in dealing with inherent dynamic drivetrain vibration. This vibration causes components and structures to wear and fail prematurely, never reaching their designed Time Before Overhaul (TBO). This creates and added burden in areas such as logistics and operational readiness, safety of flight, airworthiness, and numerous other areas inherent in the operation and support of a major aircraft program. The common theme to solving these dynamic component concerns is the requirement to perform new special maintenance inspections and subsequently replace components. Users worldwide have borne the cost of dynamic components failing long before their scheduled TBO.

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Get Immediate Reduction in Aircraft Vibration

Benefits associated with CDB are numerous and proven. Through the immediate reduction of vibration and harmonic resonance, the CDB process directly complements Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) efforts to improve operational availability and reduce the maintenance burden. CDB not only accurately predicts component failure, but also provides a solution to improve component useful life.

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