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Get Immediate Reduction in Aircraft Vibration

Benefits associated with CDB are numerous and proven. Through the immediate reduction of vibration and harmonic resonance, the CDB process directly complements Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) efforts to improve operational availability and reduce the maintenance burden. CDB not only accurately predicts component failure, but also provides a solution to improve component useful life.

› Significant vibration reduction in entire aircraft drivetrain.
› Increases component life
› Dramatically reduces Operations and Support costs.
› Increases Safety of Flight.
› Increases Mission readiness
› Increases Logistic Supportability.
› Reduction in vibration throughout fuselage, Avionics, etc
› Removal of soldier guess work to identify aircraft malfunctions

CDB has provided additional benefits beyond vibration reduction that significantly improve aircraft readiness and safety. The CDB process has isolated and solved vibration problems outside of the drive/rotor system by confirming servicable condition and identifying the true source of vibration or malfunction. Some examples are:

› Bad fan in forward avionics bay
› Worn collective bell crank
› Tail rotor pedal bell crank
› Broken wires or defective connecters in vibe warning system
› Faulty VGB warning system accelerometers.
› Sensors are not indicating accurate data
› Auxillary Power Unit (APU) loose in its supporting mounts
› Detection of high vibration deterioration rates
› Bad Hanger Bearings