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Broad Applicability

CDB can be applied to all rotary wing platforms including paramilitary and commercial applications, with very little algorithm software modification. CDB technology is transferrable to the AH-64 Block III configuration and can serve in the Joint arena with ease as it is easily adaptable to other rotary wing platforms.

Development requires special attention to vibration data history of drivetrain, fuselage and other critical vibration related issues. Our development team takes a hard look at aircraft safety, actual component lifetime and fleet readiness impacts. The development process takes approximately six to nine months and the team works with minimum impact on daily unit operations.

Basic development steps:

* Measure components and study trends
* Collect platform vibration profiles
* Analyze profiles for algorithm establishment
* Refine algorithm for upload into computer platform for fielding
* Perform balance with one ground run for data collection and corrective action
* Set CDB interval based on the current schedule inspection criteria.
* Set platform for possible future integration with any of the data source collectors (HUMS, MSPU - etc.)

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