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The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded contract for CDB Trial

NEW YORK, NY - 30th July, 2008

Shake’d Technologies, Inc. of New York, New York, is excited to announce the award of a 12 month contract from the UK Ministry of Defense and the Attack Helicopter IPT (Integrated Project Team) to conduct a trial effort to determine the optimal interval for performing Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB) on its fleet of WAH 64 Apache Longbow/AH Mk1 helicopters. CDB is designed to dynamically balance the drive train of the Apache helicopter, but is adaptable to other rotary wing platforms as well.

Shake'd Technologies, Inc., owner and inventor of the CDB technology and process, will focus on providing the Attack Helicopter IPT with empirical data that will confirm the optimal process interval along with the positive effect CDB has on reducing operational and support costs, increasing safety, increasing aircraft readiness, and increasing logistics supportability.

"For the last 3 months the UK Ministry of Defense has been working with us to design and implement a year-long trial proving the effectiveness and optimum interval of Customized Dynamic Balancing. The UK effort among other things will compare arising rates on mechanical and avionics systems before and after the CDB process and thereby determine the optimum program for fleet-wide embodiment. The trial is due to start in Sept. 08," says Commander David Bartlett, Royal Navy, of the Attack Helicopter IPT for the MOD's Apache AH-Mk1 fleet.

The trial with the UK Ministry of Defense will demonstrate to the UK Attack Helicopter IPT and to AgustaWestland that destructive harmonic vibrations can be virtually eliminated on the AH 64 Apache Helicopter. "Even though we're in the technology cost benefit analysis stage at the US Army 1-130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion in Raleigh, North Carolina," said Eli Navon, CEO of Shake’d Technologies, Inc, "we're able, at this point, to show increase in readiness, increasing time between overhaul (TBO) and reducing inspections."

Mr. Navon noted, “that units whose aircraft were fitted with CDB Technology saw operational readiness jump significantly. Additionally, the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDEC) has performed a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of CDB as part of a non-recurring engineering/accelerated fielding effort; RDEC expects the ROI for CDB to be between 10 and 14 to 1. These numbers are significant to saving taxpayer’s money.

Shake’d Technologies delivers advanced and unique capabilities to military and civilian major rotary wing aircraft programs in the United States, United Kingdom and other international customers. Shake’d Technologies, we strive for unequivocal excellence in developing new ideas, cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the industry.

July 30th 2008 NEW YORK, NY
Customized Dynamic Balancing - UK Effort