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Customized dynamic Balancing advanced technology demonstration

August 10th 2007 New York, NY

Shake’d Technologies, Inc. of New York, New York, is excited to announce that it has contracted with the AH-64 Apache Program Manager’s Office, Huntsville, Alabama, to perform an Advanced Technology Demonstration of Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB).

From decades of operating rotary wing aircraft, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, as well as many civil manufacturers and operators of helicopters, have learned that one of the biggest enemies to sustained flight operations is vibration. Rotary wing operators worldwide have borne the cost of dynamic component failure long before predicted time before overhaul (TBO).

To date, many solutions have been derived to capture vibration data in an attempt to predict useful life of dynamic components. However, none of these solutions actively reduces aircraft vibration and harmonic resonance. Shake'd Technologies has developed an innovative process--Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB)--to virtually eliminate the detrimental effects of vibration and harmonic resonance, thereby reducing operating and support (O&S) costs and increasing both aircraft availability and logistics supportability.

“We are extremely excited to be given this opportunity by the Program Manager’s Office. Our process will take an active role in significantly reducing destructive vibrations in the AH-64 and will take a step forward as a Condition Based Maintenance enabler,” said Eli Navon, CEO of Shake’d Technologies, Inc.

The Advanced Technology Demonstration will take place at Fort Eustis, Va. and will be supported by the Aviation Applied Technologies Directorate commanded by Col. Stephen Kihara. One AH-64A model and one AH-64D Longbow Apache helicopter will be balanced with CDB. The results will be used by Col. Paquette to determine a path forward with CDB of Shake’d Technologies Inc.

Shake’d Technologies delivers advanced and unique capabilities to military and civilian major rotary wing aircraft programs in the United States, United Kingdom and other international customers. At Shake’d Technologies we strive for unequivocal excellence in developing new ideas, cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the industry.

August 10th 2007 New York, NY
CDB Advanced Technology Demonstration (AATD)