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CDB Supports Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Concept

CDB is not a health monitoring system that only collects data for future analysis. CDB uses collected data to affect changes in drivetrain balance to eliminate/reduce dynamic component and resonant high frequency vibrations in the drivetrain and airframe.

CDB supports the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) concept by providing Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) data that supports predictive maintenance practices based on actual conditions of dynamic components vice unscheduled maintenance, thereby reducing extensive aircraft on ground events. The CDB technology aims to increase fleet readiness and reduce operation and support costs.

CDB is a CBM enabler in that it complements existing data source collectors such as Health Unit Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and Modernized Signal Processor Unit (MSPU). CDB goes a large step beyond just monitoring and actually provides an elegant mechanical solution to reduce destructive high frequency harmonic resonant vibrations that shorten the life of parts, create serious safety issues, increase costs, and are responsible for a number of collateral damage concerns. CDB could be integrated into these monitoring systems in the future as needed, thus increasing the capability of such systems.

Assumptions - AH 64 Apache Helicopter

• The AH-64 Apache will remain the primary attack helicopter for the Army for the foreseeable future.
• Due to the Global War on Terror operational tempo (OPTEMPO) will demand maximum availability for the AH-64 Apache for years to come.
• If current OPTEMPO is continued, the AH-64 Apache will reach airframe life-cycle limits much earlier than planned.
• Insufficient funding for research and development of replacement aircraft will require the US Army to sustain the AH-64 Apache for many years to come.
• The vibration state of Block III Longbow’s new main transmission is as yet unknown; as are the systemic resonant influences a new or different vibration state may bring to the drive train and airframe as a result of a new transmission.

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