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US Army Apache program manager awards N.C. contract

NEW YORK, NY - 24th March, 2008

Shake’d Technologies, Inc. of New York, New York, is excited to announce that it has been awarded a 12 month contract from the U.S. Army's AH-64 Apache Helicopter Program Manager to provide a cost benefit analysis of Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB), a new technology marketed for Shake’d by their partner Coker Logistics Solutions, Inc. CDB is designed to dynamically balance the drive train of the Apache helicopter, but is adaptable to other rotary wing platforms as well.

Decades of operating rotary wing aircraft, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, as well as many civil manufacturers and operators of helicopters, have proved that one of the biggest enemies to sustained flight operations is vibration. Rotary wing operators worldwide have borne the cost of dynamic component failure long before predicted time before overhaul (TBO).

To date, many solutions have been derived to capture vibration data in an attempt to predict useful life of dynamic components. However, none of these solutions actively reduces aircraft vibration and harmonic resonance. Shake'd Technologies has developed an innovative process--Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB)-- to virtually eliminate the detrimental effects of vibration and harmonic resonance, thereby reducing operating and support (O&S) costs and increasing both aircraft availability and logistics supportability.

Shake'd Technologies, Inc. not only has the necessary rotary wing engineering experience and capability, but is also the inventor of CDB. Shake’d has assembled a uniquely qualified team to undertake this complex challenge. In addition to the Shake’d engineers and Doctors of Science, Coker Logistics Solutions, Inc. and Booz Allen Hamilton bring depth of experience in the rotary wing area, logistical analysis and expertise, and its highly valued market influence and networks. The team will focus on providing the Apache Program Manager with empirical data that will confirm the positive effect of CDB.

“We are extremely proud to have been given this opportunity to work with the National Guard unit in North Carolina and prove the benefits of our AH-64 Apache Helicopter CDB Solution,” said Eli Navon CEO of Shake’d Technologies, Inc. The team will be able to show that Customized Dynamic Balancing is benefiting the soldier, the Army, and the taxpayer. The Apache community will now have a way to deal with the vibration challenges, for the first time ever, taking an active approach and with a single action they will be able to dramatically reduce vibration in the airframe and components. Mr. Navon added, “that this program will increase the life of the installed dynamic and non-dynamic components of the entire airframe, thereby increasing safety and readiness and reducing operating costs.”

Shake’d Technologies headquartered in New York City delivers advanced and unique capabilities to military and civilian major rotary wing aircraft programs in the United States, United Kingdom and other international customers. At Shake’d Technologies, we strive for unequivocal excellence in developing new ideas, cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the industry.

March 24, 2008 – New York, NY
US Army Apache Helicopter Program Contract Awarded – News