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How it Works

The CDB Process Isolate and Solves Vibration Problems

CDB goes far beyond passively monitoring aircraft vibrations. CDB discerns the root cause of a particular platform's vibration related issues and provides a dynamic solution to significantly reduce it or completely eliminate it. This process uses CDB computer vibration analysis tools to gather requisite vibration information from instrumented drivetrain components. The CDB computer analyzes this data and creates an "aircraft vibration profile" (AVP) to determine the specific solution for the individual aircraft.

The concept of operation is simple, there are accelerometers and other sensors temporarily placed in designated locations along the drivetrain in order to measure components RPM, vibration level and other data required. The aircraft is then run on the ground and measurements are taken. Using complex algorithms, the computer then analyzes the information, calculates a solution, and displays it to the technician. The technician follows the solutions instructions and takes the required steps to balance the drivetrain.

After applying the solution, a verification run is performed to confirm the reduction in vibration. Then, the sensors are removed along with the special cables and the aircraft is returned to service. The entire process takes an average of two to four hours for the first balancing run. Subsequent runs historically take much less time, sometimes as little as 30 minutes.

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