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Program with Clear Approach

Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB) removes the soldiers guesswork for determining component serviceability

The technical approach used by CDB is designed with existing diagnostic equipment and approved maintenance practices familiar to the soldier.

The proprietary CDB algorithm and software is a solution for reducing existing vibration versus an open-ended exploration of the problem area. Aircraft drive systems that have been balanced with the CDB technology will improve mean time between failure of affected components and structures. As CDB is a root cause analysis solution, it will enable maintenance personnel to determine exact condition of components, thereby eliminating the use of spare parts for troubleshooting purposes. CDB removes the soldiers guesswork for determining component serviceability.

Data collected from instrumented components over the years revealed a high level of harmonic resonant frequency vibration between numerous dynamic components. This finding proved the existence of unacceptable vibration levels in drive train components and adjacent aircraft structures.

Understanding the destructive nature of harmonic resonance, the engineers drew a logical conclusion between harmonic resonance and material failure, structural cracks, and limited useful life of dynamic components.

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