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Increase Aircraft Availability and Mission Readiness

Benefits are many and obvious; lower operating and support costs are not the only benefits CDB provides. CDB increases safety, aircraft availability and readiness, as well as better logistics supportability

In the data taken from the Apache trials, we are seeing a shift from unscheduled to scheduled maintenance with a significant reduction in NMCM time. This reduction in unscheduled maintenance lifts the burden on the soldier in maintenance man-hours. Reducing unscheduled maintenance actions results in a reduction of indirect maintenance actions. Indirect maintenance actions occur when aircraft components and or special tools become damaged due to the performance of the unscheduled maintenance events.

Additional CDB benefits include a smaller logistics footprint over time as dynamic components achieve greater on-aircraft time, which in turn reduces the logistical costs of getting components shipped to depot, depot costs of rebuilding, and shipping back to a unit.

CDB also provides intangible results that are significant but difficult to measure. Some intangible considerations include:

 - Increased crew confidence in the aircraft
 - Reduced crew fatigue
 - Enhanced logistical planning through predictive analysis
 - Cost avoidance in repair parts for Target Acquisition and Designatio System/Pilot Night Vision System (TADS/PNVS) and other avionics systems components
 - Enhanced aircraft performance.
 - Remove guess / Ease of Troubleshooting.