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Shake’d signed a teaming agreement with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)

NEW YORK, NY – 1st September 2006

Shake’d Technologies, Inc. of New York, New York, has entered into a teaming agreement with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) of McLean, Va.

Shake’d is pleased to have such a legendary defense contracting firm as their latest team member. BAH will be relied upon for economic business analysis of Shake’d Technologies flagship product Customized Dynamic Balancing.

“The depth of support and reach-back capability offered by BAH brings a new dimension to the Shake’d team,” said Eli Navon CEO of Shake’d Technologies, Inc. The Booz Allen Corporation brings its depth of experience in the rotary wing area, logistical analysis and expertise, and its highly valued market influence and networks.

Shake’d Technologies, AH-64 Apache Helicopter Customized Dynamic Balancing solution (CDB) has proven to virtually eliminate the detrimental effects of vibration and harmonic resonance in Apache fleet helicopters. This has further reduced operating and support costs and increased both aircraft availability and logistics supportability for the fleet.

Shake'd Technologies Inc, has the exclusive capability of this process and has developed it in such a way that is flexible to work with other friendly vibration monitoring solutions in the marketplace today. Depending on our clients' needs, Shake'd Technologies can modify its systems to integrate and work with current and future planned vibration monitoring systems.

Headquartered in New York City, Shake’d Technologies, Inc. delivers advanced and unique capabilities to military and civilian major rotary wing aircraft programs in the United States, United Kingdom and other international customers. At Shake’d Technologies, we strive for unequivocal excellence in developing new ideas, cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the industry.

NEW YORK, NY – 1st September 2006
Shake’d Technologies, Inc teams with Booz Allen Hamilton